Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dyslexia, To continue with my last weeks blog, I knew something was not quite right with the way my 1st grade son was learning. My sister is a high school/middle school teacher and she knew an elementary teacher in her school district that worked with children with Dyslexia. When my sister came to visit my family, she brought along some activities to try out on my son. The conclusion of all the activities leaned right towards dyslexia. The educator that she got the activities from, immediately called me. She had taken extended classes on dyslexia and did training for children and their parents. I got right on board to schedule sessions with her. My son and I traveled three hours to this educator for a week long clinic, which cost several thousand dollars. I felt that this point it was my only option since the school my son was at hadn't taken in steps to get him help besides Type 1 reading.